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Welcome to Mrs. Hagaman's Hard Rock Cafe!  I'm super excited to be revealing my rock star themed classroom this year.  My first two years teaching I had a little jungle theme going on (which I totally loved ... I still fight the urge to buy anything monkey related in stores)  Unfortunately, my school really likes to pick class mascots that correlate with the teacher's last name.  For example, "Mrs. F's Fish" or "Mrs. P's Penguins".  Well, with a last name that starts with H ... I was in a bit of a predicament.  Mrs. Hagaman's Hippos?  Mrs. Hagaman's Hamsters?  I think not.  Then one day it just hit me.  (Some fabulous ideas on Pinterest *may* have helped)  A Rock Star themed room ... Mrs. Hagaman's Hard Rock Cafe!  Problem solved.  Enjoy the tour!

My sweet little room from the front door ... very tiny, but I've learned to make the most of every inch!

I took the plunge this year and had my gigantic teacher desk sent to storage.  I'm LOVING all the extra space ... and was still able to make a special little space for myself on my computer table.  Not sure where the teacher tool box originated ... but seriously, DO IT!!  I love feeling so organized.  And you know that little puppy in the sunglasses is totally presh :)

Math tubs and word work shelves :)

Back side of the Math Tub/Word Work shelves ... my writing center.  Thank you Cupcake for the Teacher for the adorable Writing Center Starter kit!

On the left are Good-Bye Rhymes from the fabulous Cara Carroll.  I posted these right by the door we exit though.  I recite one part of the rhyme (Give a Hug) and the kids finish (Ladybug) .. that's their cue to stop talking and face forward.  LOVE IT!  On the right is my behavior management clip chart and Ice Cream Math cones for our timed math fact drills.

Guided reading corner ... still a work in progress.  The storage ottomans are a new addition this year.  The kids LOVE them, and I was able to store all my guided reading books inside.  I found my Director's Chair on Craigslist this summer and gave it a little makeover (yes, I realize the arms look more like prison stripes than zebra print ... cut me some slack, I am so not artistic!)  The storage cubbies are filled with various materials I used during small groups and I'm keeping a running record/observation binder for each group in the drawers to the left.

Classroom Library/Reading Corner ... the palm tree is left over from my jungle days.  I just couldn't part with it ... they have palm trees in Hollywood, right?!?!

These fun little speakers are right next to my listening center.  I covered plastic storage crates with fabric and hot glued foam circles to the front.  I keep all my listening center books in the back!  Cute and functional :)

These little ClosetMaid shelves fit perfectly at the end of each table group.  I spray painted them blue and added a little detail to the edges with zebra print duct tape (you know you've been dying for an excuse to buy that stuff!)  I'm planning for them to keep their science, math, and poetry journals on these shelves, along with extra supplies we use regularly (like glue sticks, erasers, etc.)  Their reward punch cards are also kept in a little bin on the top.

Math and Science focus boards.  I'm going to use velcro dots to switch out "I Can" statements, Essential Questions, and topic specific vocabulary.  I left blank spaces to the right for anchor charts we will develop together.  The Hall of Fame is my AR goal system.  Each student will have a clip and will get to move it to the next ribbon when they hit certain goals (10 quizzes passed, 20 quizzes passed, and so on ... I try to stay away from points because I don't think it's fair to my lower readers)

Side view of the room ... I'm thinking that wall above the cabinets could use a little lovin' ... My word wall will be on the cabinet doors.

Looking for some Rock Star resources?  Below are all my Rock Star themed products from TpT ... they can be purchased individually or as a Bundle (which will save you $8!).

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  1. Your room looks awesome! I just found your blog and I'm your newest follower!
    Rambling About Reading

  2. Your room is adorable!! My classroom is zebra too and I love it!! I'm known as the "Teacher that likes Zebras!" haha!

  3. i'm curious about your AR tracking board. what kind of clips are you using?