Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Little Rules and Responsibility

I'm sure we can all agree rules, routines, and procedures demand a lot of attention at the beginning of the year. Teaching routines and procedures to little ones can be exhausting, but the drill until they get it right is so worth the investment. Last year I did your basic take what the kids say and change it to my own wording create the rules together, discuss and post them. We did something similar this year, but I really wanted the kids to understand why the rules are so important. Our first Social Studies unit covers Responsibility, so I decided to tie the two together. I found this wonderful little book

Before reading, I divided the kids up into groups and gave them each a scenario from the book. For example, "What if everyone littered?" I gave each group a piece of jumbo construction paper and had them draw what they thought the world would be like. After the groups finished, we read the story together and had a group discussion on why it was so important to be responsible and follow the rules. Social Studies has not always been my strongest area, but I must say, I was pretty pleased with how this lesson went!

Not sure about all the hearts and stars in the last one ... there were a lot of girls in that group :)  So what special activities do you all have for teaching the rules?

And finally ... tomorrow is our first spelling test.  Yikes.  How are we 2 weeks into school already?!  Below is the test I created ... it has space for 10 words, a bonus word, and a sentence dictation.  Hopefully some of you may be able to use as well!

Click on the picture for your copy!

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