Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our Caring Class

If you're anything like me, you're always looking for cute, interactive bulletin board ideas.  I thought I'd share my February board, a sweet little idea I stole from my Mom (love having a mom AND a mother-in-law as a first grade teacher BTW!)

May I present ... Our Caring Class

I gave each of my littles a heart with another child's name on it.  They had to write one nice thing about the classmate they received.  I encouraged them to give specific reasons why their classmate was awesome (good at reading, funny, a good soccer player, etc.)

I let each child get up and read what they wrote about their friend, and then I hung the heart on the Class Caring Tree.  They wrote the sweetest things and were all grinning from ear to ear when we were through!  You can download my heart template by clicking the picture below.  Just print on pink construction paper, write a child's name in the corner, and you're all set!

  The cute little bugs on the board are from A Cupcake For The Teacher's Buggy for You (Valentine's Day Craftivities) pack.  These crafts really brightened up our classroom!

Have a sweet day!

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