Sunday, March 31, 2013

Meet the Yuckies!

Ask a kid what they say when they see something gross and they immediately say, "ewwww!"   I'm sure others have used this little trick when teaching the /ew/, /ue/, and /oo/ spelling patterns ... I know I've found it to be quite effective!  I love introducing new spelling and phonics patterns with stories and characters ... it really seems to help the new sounds "stick".  The kids remember the stories, and thus the patterns you're trying to teach them.  I decided to create some little characters to help teach the "yucky sound" ... My kids LOVED these little guys!  And okay, I did throw in some *mild* rude humor, which they of course found hysterical.

I LOVE teaching phonics, and I like to have everything I need to teach a new skill right at my fingertips ... lessons, hands-on centers, games, activities, extra practice, etc.  While I never use everything, it's nice to have a variety of resources ready to go to meet my kids' needs.  I tried to think of ALL the resources I like to use while designing this pack, and ended up with over 100 pages of materials (and I've already thought of more things I'd like to add, it never ends!!)

We started with this pack before Spring Break ... I took some pictures of our anchor charts and activities, but left my camera at home when I left to visit my family for Easter.  I'll update with pictures soon, but also am offering a small preview freebie pack of a few of the materials inside.  Click below to check it out!

I'm also super excited to be hosting my first giveaway!  The winner will receive Meet the Yuckies for free :)  See below for how to enter!

Happy Easter friends!! :) 

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  1. very cute ideas for learning these sounds. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Meet The Yuckies looks awesome! Looks like you've included a great variety of activities to help students learn those difficult sounds.

    1. Thanks!! You can never have too much practice :) Thanks for stopping by!