Sunday, May 5, 2013

Summer Review

Hi everyone!  So last week my principal sent out an email asking all teachings to please submit the summer reading list and "summer work" to the office, to be distributed in the Q4 report cards.  Now ... I KNOW made a summer reading/work list last year (and the year before that) but somehow it was nowhere to be found.  I swear, I think I've finally got an organization system down that's going to stick but sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in my own resources (and I'm only 3 years in, yikes!)

Anyway, I put together a little summer reading list and list of helpful suggestions for parents to work with their kids over the summer.  Click below if it's something you think you could use!

So that happened.  And I've already had several parents email me wanting to know if I could give them ideas/resources for reviewing with their student over summer (sheesh already?  not that I'm complaining about involved parents .. but can we say over-acheiver? hehe) And then there's my little sweetie who has come SO FAR this year, and the idea of her backtracking over summer totally depresses me.  So all of that put together inspired my latest resource pack: A Common Core aligned First Grade Summer Review!

I designed this pack as an 8-week program for parents.  Each week has a weekly overview with a checklist, and explanation of the skills being reviewed that week.  My hope is that this will make it manageable and keep parents on track.

Each week has 7 review pages in the following categories: Phonics, Read for Meaning, Language and Conventions, Writing, Math, Math Facts, and Weekly Skill Check (mixed skill review).  Every activity in this pack is aligned to a specific CC standard.  Although it's not designed to cover any standard in depth, it does at least touch on (almost) ALL of the core First Grade standards!

I'm super excited to offer this resource to my own students and their families this year.  Hopefully some others will get some use out of it also.  Regardless, we are in  major count down mode people!  Summer is almost here .. eeee!!

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  1. This looks like a great summer packet! Thank you for the reading list.
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