Monday, January 21, 2013

Fraction Frenzy

We've spent our first two weeks back from Christmas break busy with all things fractions!  My students have had trouble with fractions in the past, so this year I wanted to make it as concrete as possible.  Thanks to Cara's amazing Fraction Action unit, we've had lots of fun doing so.  The games and activities in the pack are seriously awesome, and have made great additions to our Math Tubs this month!

When thinking about what adorable little project I wanted to hang in our hallway this month, I decided I wanted to do something Math related.  Typically my hallway displays are writing craftivities, and I wanted to give math some love this month.  Since we were working on fractions, I decided to to merge this skill with Winter Fun ... and came up with Frosty Fractions!  These seriously turned out so cute!!

To make the background for the project, I mixed blue paint with water in a spray bottle.  I called kids back a few at a time and had them "spray paint" their picture.  They used tissues to dab off the excess water and it worked perfectly.  After the background had dried, the kids glues their snowmen to the page and decorated with crayons, and crepe paper for scarves.  To bring in the math, they glued 4 buttons to their snowmen, some pink and some blue.  At the bottom they had to write how many buttons their snowman had in all, and how many were blue.  They then wrote the corresponding fraction. We finished off with a mist of glitter spray paint ... LOVE :)

We also had lots of fun with this little Fraction Scoot game I put together.  My kids love Scoot games because they get to get up and MOVE!  I love them because it's a great assessment tool to see who's understanding a skill - they don't even realize their being assessed!  I'm linking up with Classroom Freebies to share this scoot game .... hope you enjoy!

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